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Golf and Lightning Safety

Inclement weather won’t stop some die-hard golfers. Rain or shine, sweltering heat or subfreezing temps, hitting one more shot is often more important than dodging a few raindrops. A light drizzle typically is not a problem. But when that drizzle turns into a thunderstorm or lightning is seen in the sky, it’s time to rethink that one last hole.

Many golf courses are equipped with lightning detection and prediction systems to inform golfers when lightning is in the area. An alarm will sound, clearly audible across the course, to signal conditions are unsafe. While these systems are reliable and effective, if you are caught in a storm on the course, remember the following tips:

  • Avoid open, elevated ground
  • Do not stand under trees
  • Stay away from water
  • Seek shelter inside the club, a nearby building, or a vehicle (NOT a golf cart!)
  • Avoid electrical devices and metal objects (golf clubs, umbrellas, golf carts, etc.)
  • If you feel a tingling sensation, this is a warning sign of an imminent strike nearby. Squat in a baseball catcher’s position and balance on the balls of your feet. Touch as little ground as possible – this makes you a smaller target for lightning.

No round of golf is worth risking your safety. Always stay informed on expected weather conditions. If bad weather seems likely after your tee time, discuss rain check policies at the pro shop and ask about lightning detection systems.

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