Relyon's Thor Guard Model L75 is our first upgradeable base prediction and warning system control center. Customers can now have an entry level system, automatic or manual, capable of providing audible and visual warning for a single site.

Thor Guardian

The ThorGuardian is the first, completely integrated, advance warning system for lightning. The entire package, including the lightning prediction system, integrated horn cluster, and strobe light, can all be easily installed outdoors. Standard AC powered and solar powered options are available.

Voice of Thor

The Voice of Thor horn system allows a base horn cluster, and/or optional remote horn cluster, to be controlled by the lightning prediction system through RF communication. Base and remote horn clusters have battery back-up with standard AC powered and solar powered options available.

Lightning Prediction

Our approach to lightning warning is completely different than any other company that produces lightning warning products. All other companies rely on detection and/or time of arrival (TOA) technology to determine when it is dangerous, and when it is safe, in respect to lightning in the area.

Detection technology is based on electromagnetic (EMF) disruptions in our atmosphere, or what we would recognize as “static” on our AM radio dial. This technology, as advanced as it is, can only determine the distance between your location and the location of a lightning strike that has already occured! In addition, because of the numerous sources of EMF in our everyday world, filters are typically required for detection technology that filters out the smaller amperage lightning strikes. This leads to missed strikes and late notification because detection technology must wait for something to occur before issuing a warning. Finally, detection technology must wait up to 30 minutes after a strike has been detected within the warning area (typically set at a 10-mile radius) to sound the all-clear resulting in a significant loss in production whether for a local athletics complex or for a large mining operation.

Our systems are designed to constantly monitor the ongoing increase or decrease in intensity of the electromagnetic field to generate a prediction of lightning occurring in your immediate area (typically within a 2-2.5 mile radius). During any given outdoor activity, whether a ball game at a neighborhood park, a golf tournament, or outdoor construction, Thor Guard systems take the guesswork out of lightning-related decisions — not only when it is time to stop and take shelter, but just as important, when it's time to resume an outdoor activity.

Simply ask yourself, how many times have I been outdoors when a sudden flash and loud rumble unexpectedly interrupt my activities? Even during clear weather or hazy skies, electrostatic forces are hard at work developing a field between a building thunderhead and the earth. It is this field that determines when and where a lightning strike is likely to occur.